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Vermicomposters.com was set up to see if anyone else is out there. If there is, maybe we get more people interested in recycling by composting with worms.

I'm just a regular guy

While I live in California, I'm just a regular guy, not particularly environmental. However, I recently stumbled upon vermicomposting and was amazed by just how much sense it makes (and how little work it is). Of course, I've since learned that composting with worms isn't a particularly new thing, people have been doing it for decades, so I was puzzled why I hadn't heard of this earlier especially considering I live in the supposedly progressively minded San Francisco bay area. In fact, as I mentioned it to my friends I found out that very few of them (even the more environmentally minded ones) really knew what vermicomposting was or had even heard of it, let alone actually compost with worms. Most people just shrugged it off as the more common outdoor "hot" composting, not something they would really consider... perhaps because they associated it with being too much hassle, too smelly and requiring a backyard, a green thumb and a lot of time. This definitely made me start to wonder.

Is anyone else out there?

I thought vermicomposting was a great idea, but since I didn't know anyone else personally who composted with worms, I started to wonder how many people actually do this? Sure I see evidence online (flickr, youtube and forums) that at least a couple folks out there were doing this but I started to get curious just how many people and where were they. When I was first setting up my worm bin, it would have been great to be able to find someone near me to ask questions and I know I would be happy to help someone else get theirs started and in fact I wouldn't even mind giving them some of my worms to get them going. So I started this little experiment, the vermicomposters.com map, to see if I could try to find out how many vermicomposters are out there.

Can you save the world?

Can a regular guy like you or me help save the world? Well, I don't know, but it seemed to me that part of the challenge in talking about vermicomposting was getting people to feel like it is something that they could relate to... that everyone could do even "regular" folks like them. So what would happen if we found out the answer to "Is anyone else out there who vermicomposts?" was "yes". Sure, it would be great for those of us who already vermicompost to share info, worms and compost... but then I started to wonder if we might be able to inspire more people to try it out. I thought if you went to a website and saw a that bunch of folks (and maybe some just like you) had worm bins... maybe just maybe you would be more compelled to find out more. So can you help save the world? I don't know... but if all it takes to try is uploading a photo of your worm bin why not try?.. maybe if people see that enough other people are vermicomposting, we can get them to try it out...


So that is basically it. I was amazed by vermicomposting, it seems like one of the few ways you can actually recycle in your own home. I was curious how many other people compost with worms. If there are lots of other folks out there, I wondered if our collective presence might help get more people interested. Thank you for taking the time to read about my little experiment. Also, please
let me know what you think.

-Steven - May 6, 2008 [where am i on the map?]
steven [at] vermicomposters.com

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